June 13, 2003

Working all day, movies at night

Been busy this week... but I got out and hit a few movies this week at the Atlanta Film Festival; do see American Splendor, a very hilarious and well made movie about a lesser-known alternative comics writer. It's a hoot.

Also, I got to see the Animation Extravaganza, the only animation festival around Atlanta (that I know of -- if you know of one, post it!)

Posted by Ted Stevko at June 13, 2003 12:52 AM

VutZ goinK on? This sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable! How can people carry on like this? Can you even IMAGINE what the cows will think? Specailly the opnes who play violas (thoughtfully).

The begining is neigh!

Posted by: oi at June 13, 2003 05:28 PM