June 16, 2003

Kinetic Sculpture

Kinetic sculpture is fun; I've always liked it at a visceral level, beyond that which I can actually explain. So, when I paused at snopes.com for some fun urban legends, I found a posting on The Honda "Cog" ad, a Rube Goldbergian video of various Accord parts moving from one spot to another; it's just chock full of fun stuff.

Snopes, naturally, goes further and says that a) the voiceover is by none other than Garrison Keillor, and that two guys who made this movie called The Way Things Go are suing Honda for stealing their ideas...

Truth be, I'm more curious to see other examples of this art form. It's really rarely seen, but The Rolling Ball Web has a huge list of really interesting rolling ball sculptures, such as those found at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, in one of Mount Hood's lodges, and at the Boston Museum of Science (done by George Rhoades.

Got any other cool kinetic sculptures that you know of?

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