September 28, 2002


OpenType Rant

The players are Microsoft and Adobe... they combined forces several years ago, and are, together, trying to bring us OpenType, a font format born out of corporate scheming, contempt for the consumers, and inacceptable compromises.

Great analysis of Opentype, and something I've wondered for a while: why can't I make a simple font without paying hundreds of dollars?

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September 27, 2002



It's a way to port software to Darwin/Mac OS X. I don't know how helpful it is yet -- but it bodes well for Mac in general. I'm really hip to this: I like OS X for a variety of reasons.

Just to note, I'm also speaking next week at the O'reilly Mac OS X convention. Fun for all. :)

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September 26, 2002

Enron Coozies up for auction

DoveBid - Asset #web989013 Black and white pocket

Talk about a steal! Coozies from a defunct company -- give them to all your friends. Also, squishy lightbulbs, juggling balls, key chains... and paper shredders.

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September 24, 2002

"Some people got no sense a'humor..."

Falwell Preaches Against Parody

Rev. Jerry Falwell, who takes his mission of bringing Jesus to the masses very seriously, is not amused by two Internet parody sites depicting him as a liar and a jerk.

Well, no fake. Most people don't like being called a liar and a jerk. But he's put himself in the public light, so he's considered a public figure -- and so any criticism of him is protected.

Besides, he is a jerk.

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New model for old media

Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc: Books & Book Support

"However, one student suggested this may become a model for future publishing: books will be published on the Web first, and only if sufficient interest warrants it will the book be put on paper. Currently, the great majority of all books are financial failures, and perhaps this new approach could make the publishing industry more profitable."

Profound insight: this is already starting to happen, in a variety of ways. I know some of the best reading I've found lately is over the web, for free. As I got to like the work, I started buying it. Case in point: Jim Munroe's work & the comic strip Get Fuzzy. Dang good work, I found them through various means, got to know them on the web, and now will buy their work steadily.

It sounds like the truth, whether it's a viable or good plan. Weirder plans for making money exist: just look at the record industry and the notorious middle-men going between the record companies and radio stations

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Digital Candy from Strangers

'Free' Costello CD seeds DRM, MS Media Player 9 from The Register USA

This is just sick. What's next for Microsoft, tempting kids with candy with tracking devices in them? Sick puppies 'll try putting coin-activated shutters on everyone's eyes and ears, "just in case... I mean, you could overhear content while walking down the street. And if you don't own the right to listen to that content -- that's stealing."

Shades of freakin' Orwell, come and save us from our zealots.

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September 20, 2002

Warchalking? Theft?

BBC NEWS | Technology | Wireless hitchhikers branded as thieves

"This is theft, plain and simple," wrote Nokia in its advisory.

Actually, it's not. Even if you go by the theory that using someone else's wireless network is theft... warchalking can be at most called "vandalism", and since it's chalk, most places don't even consider it that. Chalk washes off in the rain.

Now, skipping the technicalities... using open wireless points could be called theft -- but only if you believe that a) degraded use of something is theft; or b) the charge for access gives exclusive rights to access.

Degraded use is killed right away, because degraded use is not theft -- total loss of access is theft. This probably falls somewhere in between destruction of property and vandalism. As a second aside, degredaded use is probably not going to happen often anyway -- when's the last time you saturated a T1 reading e-mail?

Charging giving exclusive rights is an interesting idea... but because this is being broadcast to the world, you can bring up the "general broadcast" theory that American TV uses. Because TV is broadcast without regard for who pays, despite the fact that it costs TV networks money to broadcast their signals, you can do things like use any TV to see their signals without charge, and record TV signals without charge for private use. Hence you should be able to listen to someone's network without punishment -- because they're broadcasting it. Hence you *should* be able to use someone's network without charge for private use -- because again, it's being broadcast.

Now, that last one's a bit of a stretch, and I'm no lawyer. But, it's an interesting legal problem.

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When Restrictions Go Too Far - old versions of your favorite software

I'm not sure if this site is a good or bad thing. There's been times I needed older versions of software, sure. But what's it say when we build new software which leads us to seek older technology because it's got less than the newer versions?

What's it say when I read and only post this from that site?

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Fans or Fiends?

Royals first-base coach Gamboa attacked by fans

Despite my genetic cynicism, I like baseball -- it's one of the few sports with real roots in this country. I hold firm that baseball's past is something we can be proud of, and we should hold ourselves up to it's (possibly mythical, but at least defineable) standards.

This ain't it. Don't hurt the refs, don't hurt the fans, don't turn baseball into English soccer matches, please.

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September 18, 2002


CharisMac - Hubzilla

I've seen cool -- but this one's about the coolest yet. A 4-port USB hub... built into a Godzilla(TM, copyright, sm, whatever-else, not-yours-so-don't-use-it-mark) toy.

Yes, folks, we've achieved it. Our toys now have toys. It's a great day.

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September 16, 2002

Which Peanuts Character Are You

Brak Page Quiz: Which Peanuts character are you?

OK, I fess up... I'm Charlie Brown.

I am Charlie Brown

Of course, he also happens to be one of my favorite characters in comics; before Peanuts, self-doubt & introspection in a comic strips was rare (save for a few notable exceptions in Pogo and Krazy Kat. In the next couple of weeks, I'm going to California, and I'm going to see if I can't swing by the newly-opened Charles Schulz museum.

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September 14, 2002

Hunter S. Thompson Interview

Hunter Thompson is still all-Gonzo

Interview with Hunter Thompson on the Alligator Alley story... It's pretty cool (although you need Real or Windows to listen.) Note: he's coming out with another book.

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September 13, 2002

Illustrations For Sale!

Cool illustrations for sale! They've got a Charles Addams, a Billy Debeck (Barney Google), a Boris Vallejo, a Vargas, and a Lee Lorenz. Ooh! Two Ronald Seales.

via boingboing

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September 12, 2002

Silly Putty in bulk - Page One Feature

I'm becoming quite fascinated by the "adultization" of toys -- Legos, Yo-Yos, and now Silly Putty. Also, check out Crazy Aaron's, which has some intensely cool colors for silly putty. Oil Slick, Scarlet, and Lapis are my favorties. Finally Thinkgeek has some nice stuff.

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EFF's got new banners up

EFF Sticker Campaigns

Fair Use Has A Posse

Via BoingBoing

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Working on the Pursuit of Happiness Thing.

Work, work, work. Not much else going on.

I took some time off yesterday to go up and talk to my units; have some spaghetti. I got lucky, I've got good parents.

I showed them the USB light I got for my Mac. Mom thought it was funny, Dad just kept wondering "why *red*?"

It's amusing to see how your parents react to what you think is neat.

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September 10, 2002

Musee Mecanique & Cartoon Art Museum

Musee Mecanique, mechanical museum: CitySearch

I found this on a trip in San Francisco... and adored it. It's a museum of old mechanical coin-op machines. It's now going to be moved, fortuately... but if you have some time, visit. Seal Rock/Cliff House area, the upper left corner of the pennisula.

For that matter, if you're around San Francisco... visit the Cartoon Art Museum. New digs, great collection, and it's art everyone can appreciate.

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iCal's Out...

Apple - iCal

Ehh... it's pretty simple, it integrates with everything else... it's OK. Not great, just OK.

When it can take my mails and create appointments, then I'm thrilled. When it gets an SDK for making extensions with other programs, then I'm hipper to it than a Hawaiian dance company.

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Cheney to be evac'd -- again.

Yahoo! News - U.S. to Raise Terror Alert Level

"Vice President Dick Cheney ( news - web sites) spent Monday night at an undisclosed location outside Washington. Aides said there was no specific threat against Cheney, but the anniversary has produced a heightened buzz in the intelligence community and officials want to protect the continuity of government in case of an attack."

Ok, just to point this out... they keep evaucating Cheney, but not Bush. Are they actually evacuating the VP because they don't want the power behind the presidency to disappear? In other words, it's no loss if Bush goes down, but if Cheney disappears...

I know, chain of command, get them out of the line of fire so at least someone survives and holds authority in case of a large attack on a single area. But just ask yourself: if you'd put a cowboy out front who was provoking an attack, could gain major benefit from him (God forbid) gets hit... wouldn't you want to be out of the way?

No accusations -- I've got no proof. Just a lurking suspicion.

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September 09, 2002

Just A Little Late, Lady - First lady: Turn off TVs on 9/11 - September 8, 2002

Not to be picky... but shouldn't this have been said a *year* ago if it was to be effective? There's kids in Outer Mongolia who've seen this.

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September 08, 2002

Project Vote Smart

Project Vote Smart

If there's one thing I would recommend that you can do before voting... it's looking at this site, and consider giving money. This group collects information and puts together an amazing amount of information. This will give you the *facts*, something most politicians won't do.

And if you can't find voting records for a candidate on this site... chances are likely they're not interested in you knowing the facts about them. We can only vote intelligently if we have the facts.

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The Selling Of 9-11 Life | The selling of 9/11

It's funny, I was thinking about this this morning; I was also thinking about a bit in Robert Heinlein's book Friday, where she visits California... in all it's "glory".

(If you haven't read it, basically it's a huckster's paradise; everything's for sale, and everything's about getting your vote. This is a severe oversimplification, I recommend you read it for the full effect.)

It's frightening what we Americans will do to express our feelings these days. It's more frightening what we Americans will do for a buck.

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September 06, 2002

Ani Difranco on NPR

NPR : Morning Edition

(Screw 'em. I'm linking anyway.) Ani Difranco had a neat segment on NPR. Just a generally amazing artist. If you haven't heard her before, give her a listen. If nothing else, you won't be able to not take a position on her work.

Posted by Ted Stevko at 09:46 AM | Comments (0) - Congress convenes in - Congress convenes in New York - September 6, 2002

It's an interesting symbolic event when Congress convenes outside of Washington. But what's the purpose? To focus people on 9-11? Or to show they care -- as if any politician would actually say something against 9-11?

I'm also bothered by the fact that congress' change in locale has happened twice since 1800 -- both in the last 15 years, the last time in 1987. Symbology only goes so far, then it's showboating.

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September 05, 2002

Sleep schedule

My sleep schedule has been a problem lately. As has been a screwed up sleep schedule. Note it's Midnight, and I'm starting up my day. Bleah.

Basically, I'm sleeping from 7-8 PM until midnight, getting up, then attempting to work in a daze until 4-5 am.

This does not work well, in case you were wondering.

So... I'm attempting to figure out a way to get myself back into regular patterns. Suggestions are welcome!

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A Friend's SO died two weeks ago...

A co-worker of mine's SO died two weeks ago... And I just found out today.

Joe's a great guy; friendly, caring, we see eye-to-eye politically. And I'd been so wrapped up in my junk lately, I didn't even know. For that, I'm ashamed of myself.

Joe -- I'm sorry you've got a jerk of a friend in me for not paying a little more attention to you. And I'm about as sorry as I can be that your friend died. I'd met him a couple of times, and he was a joyous person that I'd have been lucky to have known better. Joe, get well, smile, and remember him.

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