September 24, 2002

New model for old media

Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc: Books & Book Support

"However, one student suggested this may become a model for future publishing: books will be published on the Web first, and only if sufficient interest warrants it will the book be put on paper. Currently, the great majority of all books are financial failures, and perhaps this new approach could make the publishing industry more profitable."

Profound insight: this is already starting to happen, in a variety of ways. I know some of the best reading I've found lately is over the web, for free. As I got to like the work, I started buying it. Case in point: Jim Munroe's work & the comic strip Get Fuzzy. Dang good work, I found them through various means, got to know them on the web, and now will buy their work steadily.

It sounds like the truth, whether it's a viable or good plan. Weirder plans for making money exist: just look at the record industry and the notorious middle-men going between the record companies and radio stations

Posted by Ted Stevko at September 24, 2002 03:23 PM