June 02, 2005

Roborior Is Watching You

Roborior via Wired News

02 No01 PhEver get the feeling someone's trying to put you on when they call something art? It appears that a company in Japan called Roborior has developed a blue lump of gel molded into the lower half of a cartoon character, called it interior decor because they couldn't think of any other way to get people to buy it... and then added some usefulness in the form of a motion sensitive and infrared video camera with realtime streaming and cellular phone capabilities. The technology actually is interesting, in essence combining nanny cameras with cellphone technology, making real-time assessment a little more practical than it's been in the past. Handy, especially when you get the urge to watch as someone breaks into your house, starts to burgle, and then falls over laughing at your incredibly strange taste in interior decor.

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