June 02, 2005

Morse Texter For Symbian/Series 60

Morse Texter via Boingboing

As soon as I heard about the competition between morse code and text messages came out in favor of morse, I knew someone would come up with the concept of a morse code to SMS program... and here's one for the Symbian and Nokia Series 60 phones. One thought that I had when I was pondering the concept: the key to morse vs. SMS is the ability to send using one key, but rapid clicks. The Nokia 6600, at least, has a centralized chicklet joystick which allows you to click the central item. I'd like to see how effective it is to use the central chicklet to click, and -- pardon the Flash/Javascript terms, but they're the most accurate for this work -- time the onclick to onrelease to determine dot vs. dash.

Even cooler would be a neat Dashboard app to do this.... hmmmm....

Another cool concept would be adapting a clicker for a phone, so that you have a morse code handset handle, that presses into a key on the phone. Weird, but doable...

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Posted by Ted Stevko at June 2, 2005 02:10 AM | TrackBack

For one-key entry, it's pretty easy to distinguish between a short key-press and a long key-press in Series 60. But the phone's built-in timings will most likely be too slow for seasoned Morse folk. Being able to set the timings would be ideal. I may implement the former, but I'll leave it as an exercise (or challenge!) for someone else to do the latter :)

Oh, and I like your idea for an attachable clicker! Get yourself down to that patent office!

Posted by: Hugo at June 8, 2005 04:56 PM