March 19, 2005

Attack of the celebrity blogs

Attack of the celebrity blogs on Salon

Interesting critique of celebrity blogs, with a rightfully justified love-fest for Wil Wheaton Dot Net. Most celebs seem to think that because it's "written by the celeb", it's interesting. But it's like most of the net; good writing shines out, poor writing gets relegated to the back of the bus. You're only as good as your last sentence on the net.

Probably more importantly, Wil approached the community as a member, not as someone who expects to be responded to. The worst way to approach a group of strangers is to expect that group to recognize you and to be fawning; Wil did neither. (If anything, he came into blogging in the hole with a number of geeks, including from me -- Wesley Crusher, as a character, wasn't exactly respected a lot, mostly because he portrayed it exactly on: being smart, being a prodigy, being a teenager and awkward. Except he got to save the world and look brilliant, while I still had to explain to my teachers that I was falling asleep in their classes because I knew the crap and was bored. This difference annoyed the crap out of me. Now, I'm older, awkward, not as smart, not a prodigy, and still get bored when someone lectures at me. Oh, and Wil's not Wesley. So we're cool.) He came into blogging as someone who blogged, and wrote about interesting things in an interesting way. He placed himself on the line, and kept it up. That's what it takes to both get better at something and win respect, and I respect him quite a bit for it.

And he still deserved more time on his CSI episode.

Posted by Ted Stevko at March 19, 2005 04:26 PM