February 22, 2005

A Few Series 60 Notes

Got a couple of fun ones for anyone with a Symbian Series 60 phone. To start with, Rael pointed it out best at Mobilewhack: "Somewhere in the holiday lull, we missed this announcement going by. If we missed it, then you probably did too." In fact, I did: Nokia released Python for the Series 60 phones. Fab! now I don't have to go through a ton of gyrations to program my phone.

Then, if that weren't enough: Nokia and Macromedia release flash for the Series 60. Double fab! Now I can get decent graphics and even have a reason to use Flash. Coolness.

Finally, here's a really sweet app from Gizmodo -- a recorder for cell phone calls. Maybe it's not the coolest thing ever, but when you need it, it's fantastic.

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