February 22, 2005

Some Notes on Moveable Type

Well, with some luck and some perseverence, I seem to have cleaned a few things up. First, the index.rdf will work again; we've now got updated information in the RSS feed. Second, the main web page actually has stuff again. Not a lot, but there it is. :D

I found a few problems with MT, which I'm posting here in case anyone else runs across it. It seems that somewhere back in time, MT started by creating files as one account, and then ended up creating them later as another. Because of the vagrancies of this, the new updates were not killing off the older updates, and so the index.rdf was years old, while the index page was reverting to December 2004 for whatever reason.

Also of note: I had despammed sometime in 2004. Because some of the archive files were not getting rewritten, these pages were still full of spam, more's the pity. Even worse, though, I found entry pages for non-existant entries. Those contained a lot of spam (which is why I found them.) I'm going to do some watching out and see if these pages reappear, and will post if I find them. If this is the case, that's *bad* bad.

Other news: more entries will be appearing in the near future. An update to the interface is way, way overdue and will be getting done. And there might be an MT upgrade in the future, but no bets yet.

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