December 20, 2004

The top 1000 things...

Seth's Blog: The top 1,000 things to know

Seth Godin starts a list of the top 1000 things someone should know when they graduate high school. Looking at his list, I think it's a little advanced for high school: #4 is "How to Manage a project". I've known adults whose job consists of managing projects, who can't accomplish this task.

Oh well, here's a couple more:

* Do emergency repairs on a car
* Sew, especially socks and pants
* Negotiate a contract with a car dealer and an apartment owner
* The general outlines of how to buy a house
* Emergency first aid
* How to swim
* How to cook (at least) 20 basic healthy meals
* Know how to learn, and how to pick up what you don't already know
* Basic no-weapon self defense
* How to find facts for yourself, so that when someone lies to you, you can check up on it.
* How to listen
* How to drive
* How to budget and shop for things (especially groceries, but also cars, houses, clothes, and medical insurance).
* How to deal with big bureaucracies (health insurance companies, the government).
* How to comfort someone
* How to be nice to other people
* A little statistics

That's enough for a start.

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