May 07, 2004

St. Louis Post Dispatch Calls For Rumsfeld's Resignation

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Cripes, when the St. Louis Post Dispatch is indignant, you know you've done something wrong. And especially when they're as brutal as this:

Mr. Rumsfeld has consistently been wrong. He has responded to criticism by bullying and sneering at his critics. His arrogant miscalculations have cost American soldiers their lives and continue to put them at grave risk. The Army has been stretched to the breaking point. Billions of dollars of U.S. treasure continue to sink into the sands of Iraq; Wednesday, President George W. Bush asked Congress for $25 billion more for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

American prestige has suffered around the world. Saddam Hussein and his nonexistent WMDs have been replaced with a mob of insurgents that poses a greater threat to Americans than Saddam ever did.

For his mistakes and his inability to recognize them, Mr. Rumsfeld must go.

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