May 07, 2004 Spinning Michael Moore Statement As "Stunt"

Moore admits Disney 'ban' was a stunt

Um... actually, Michael Moore did no such thing.

The Independent's claim is that Moore slipped on an CNN interview and came out with the fact that he knew a year ago Disney was thinking about not distributing it.

First, if you listen to this NPR report, you can see that Moore's statement is consistant.
Moore specifcally mentions that he knew that Disney had stated that they would not distribute Moore's film a year ago, but that Mirimax had told Moore to ignore this and they'd work with Disney.

Second, it's not a "stunt". According to Moore, it's not until now that Disney has officially refused to distribute it. Moore didn't say anything before the official statement, probably in the hopes of still getting Disney to distribute it.

Disney refused, though, on the most crass of reasons: money and cronyism. This, Disney doesn't deny. And Disney should be ashamed.

As should the Independent; their article is a nasty spin-document that's really not worth the electrons used to transport it.

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