December 22, 2003

New Tom Tomorrow Is Interesting....

The latest strip (sorry, Salon link, pay the toll and get to it) from Tom Tomorrow has a very interesting point -- dissention is increasingly being shown as "unpatriotic".

I have often had to bite my tounge, suppress my statements, and be less than forthcoming about my opinions around my city (Atlanta), simply because I am in a vast minority of people here. My opinion about the war is similar to that of said "liberal" in the comic strip -- sure, I'm glad Saddam was caught. Killers are no friends of mine, and I have no sympathy for him, personally. But my reasons for opposing the war had little to do with Saddam, it had more to do with who was going after him (Bush), why he was so gung-ho about it (reasons abound, but few ring true), and what he did in order to go after him (too long to list, quite a few immoral, some might be illegal).

Hence, I'm quietly approving of the capture -- but I can say for certian I'm also still not in the least convinced that this war is a good, right, or proper thing.

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