December 22, 2003

Couple Of Super-Uber Geeky Things...

Mobitopia - Friday, December 12, 2003

First up is creating a wi-fi hotspot in your back pocket with a iPaq and a Bluetooth cell phone. How cool can it be when you can be a hotspot wherever you go?

Next up is a combination Wi-fi, GPRS and bluetooth card. Given a choice between this and a iPod, I'd probably take this... although I'd be sitting around for a while looking at both longingly.

Finally, I'm looking at getting a Merlin G100 GPRS PCMCIA modem, along with a nice little unlimited data plan for $30/month from T-Mobile, which should allow me to do my surfing wherever I am; Atlanta, unfortunately, isn't exactly as wired as San Francisco, New York, or anywhere else. Compactness is a virtue in those cities.

Note that all of these are links from the very interesting and compelling Mobilewhack, a new and really good website on mobile technologies. I'm really hip to it.

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