October 15, 2003

Fun With Cars

I guess it's just a bad day for cars. It seems that Accordion Guy's Boss Ross got his car broken into. Well, I didn't get my car broken into, (not unreasonably; any half-intelligent burglar would be better off breaking into anything else, my car's a 1987 Nissan Sentra), but the battery did die.

But I have had cars broken, if not broken into. The above car, for example, lost both it's moon roof and it's sloped-back window within 2 weeks of one another.

The moon roof was destroyed during a staging of the Manly Game of How Far Can I Throw This Industrial Bolt by the construction workers next door to the parking lot my car sat in. One of the contestants won for distance but lost on accuracy. The back window was lost owing to a tree branch & some heavy winds.

What will always strike me as funny, though, was that my dad was the driver at the time; he'd taken the car so that he could repair it.

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