October 06, 2003

Cubs... win?

SI.com - MLB - Cubs win first postseason series since 1908 - Monday October 6, 2003 12:36AM

This is, I suppose, the first time I've mentioned that I'm a Cubs fan here (although usually people guess when I wear a Cubs jersey around the office.) But let's face it, this is just amazing.

This is 95 years, people.

That's a long time in baseball. Also in football, hockey, soccer, tennis, dragracing, role-playing games, and darn near anything.


My granddad wasn't born yet. His parents were, I believe, still in Slovokia.

My college was shiny-new, about 5 years old. It's buildings, now ivy covered, were only 4 years old.

My chosen art form, comics, was no more than 10 years old. Some say less.

I could say computers weren't around, and we hadn't flown to the moon, there were no TVs, film was new-ish, man-powered flight was invented that year, and radios were, at best new. But those are obvious.

Well, let's see. Our diets have changed (pizza, sandwiches, soda, iced tea and ice cream were all new, hamburgers and fries weren't invented yet). Our transportation has changed. Our 9-5 lifestyle has changed.

Our media have changed. Then, it was rare for a house to have more than a few books. Mass printing was still pretty new; newspapers were the preferred form of getting information.

Our clothes have changed a *lot*. Then, women's ankles showing was considered risque. Jeans were part of the 1849 gold rush, so they were around, but considered bad form. Any man without a hat and suit was a bum. Suits were the main form of clothing. Women wore full dresses and bustles (collapsable, but still...).

Few people left their home town for their entire life; or if they did, it was to the nearest big city for their honeymoon, and that was the trip of their lives.

And a long time ago, the Cubs won a post-season game.

Go Cubs.

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