September 29, 2003

A bit on the California election

A Confident Schwarzenegger Steps Up Attacks on Davis

I find the above interesting, espeically in light of Schwarzenegger's refusal to debate Davis, and Davis' inability to participate in the debate process. Basically, Arnie is using Davis as a punching bag, knowng that Davis has little or no public forum in the recall debate, rather than attack his opponents. It's a straw-man tactic -- distract the voters from the real issue with Arnie, which is, to wit, is he more capable than any other contender for Governor. The answer is no, simply put, because he's not shown anything that is even remotely like leadership capabilites in the past, and certianly hasn't taken any stances in the present.

Funny enough, during the recent Democratic debates, we've seen a little of this and Bush; each one takes a few moments to affirm that he or she is the person who hates Bush more than the rest. Fortunately, they're not a one-note song; they go on to differentiate themselves from their opponents, and to come up with interesting thoughts and ideas on their own.

But it's shocking that people can see the facts, but ignore them completely: Arnold has few if any qualifications for running a state. Unless a miracle occurs, he's not going to become one overnight, either.

Best I can say about this is, read between the lines -- but also read what's in front of you. Both enlighten.

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