March 11, 2003

A Gentlemanly Solution - Arm-wrestle settles network battle - Mar. 11, 2003

Two companies settled an argument by arm-wrestling instead of going to court. As one of the gentlemen put it -- "The process was becoming a lot more than the original dispute was worth. This was a win-win." My thoughts exactly; any company who's smart enough to realize that cutthroat lawsuits lead to bad business is a good thing indeed. And it's fun as well!

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March 09, 2003

Ok, severe lack of updates

Hi all... sorry about the lack of updates. I'm really swamped. I'm helping out with an local user's group, Atlanta Macintosh User's Group, who is putting on an expo on March 29th, at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Lots of fun stuff, please do show up.

As to content, I'll try and post more in the coming weeks. My apologies!

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