July 30, 2005

Robot Roundup

Here's a few more robot links from around the web:

  • Jumping robot. Something about "jumping robots" must attract people. It's in video games, it's in cartoons, and now, it's a proposal. Assuming the translation is OK, it's a proposal for a "kick-leg" which pops out during the robot's rotation. The robot's purpose seems to be to avoid obstacles, but who knows.

  • China announced in a weird, propagandistic way that they've developed a spherical robot. The Swedes also have a spherical robot, first reported on in February.

  • Gizmodo mentions that the big brouhaha over the Repliee Q1 lately is odd, considering it's six years old. Anyone else feeling a little behind?

  • And, someone's gotten a patent for robot mission planning, which should be a patent like the certificate I got for guessing most beans in a jar should be a PhD.

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Posted by Ted Stevko at July 30, 2005 09:56 PM | TrackBack

World's first spherical robot? Pshaw. Am I the only one who had a "Motorball"?



Posted by: dlong at August 5, 2005 01:06 AM