July 07, 2005

The Robot Zoo

Robot show reveals animals' survival secrets

050629P009JpgWow. Why couldn't my teachers have taken me to see this instead of taking me to George Rogers Clark National Historical Park -- a fine but less than interesting the third time around national park. This is the Robot Zoo, a traveling museum exhibit which allows kids to interactively explore robots, while learning about biological construction.

Visitors can not only observe the exhibits, they can also manipulate them. For example, they can trigger a joystick to move the robot chameleon's eyes, tongue and head. They can even change the robot's body colour by pressing different buttons.
And the robots in of themselves are fascinating. The chameleon's body is made up of television screens, which show the "changed color", and give kids an example of what's happening when chameleons change their colors in terms of mechanical systems. Very cool.

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Posted by Ted Stevko at July 7, 2005 12:10 AM