July 06, 2005

Robot breast checker

Robot hand performs remote breast checks

99997630F1 Yeah, I knew guys in high school who put on t-shirts with "Honorary Gynecologist" and thought those would be good for "picking up chicks". I know a couple went to Michigan State, from which this item comes. I don't think the two are connected in any cup, shape or form. Really.

Seems that someone has developed a robot to perform remote breast checks. Tactile gloves and feedback from the robot allow doctors to remotely examine breasts for signs of things like cancer. On the other hand...

But Brewster adds that the system would need to match a doctor’s bedside manner when dealing with patients. “There are of course issues with powerful robots coming into direct contact with people,” he told New Scientist. “It would have to be very carefully designed and tested to make sure that it could not exert inappropriate forces and so cause harm.”

Well, let's just say it's something to keep in mind when volunteering. Imagine a 16 year old pimply-faced boy making the exam, but without the ability to understand "ouch" or "those aren't made of rubber, you know."

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Posted by Ted Stevko at July 6, 2005 11:46 PM