June 02, 2005

Issue with Bluetooth-To-GPRS Modem Hack And Tiger

Well, nothing's perfect. A nice guy named Oren Levy mentioned that he'd been having problems using the oft-mentioned Bluetooth-to-GPRS hack that made the rounds last year with Mac OS X Tiger. I've been using the hack on my newly-Tiger-ized laptop as part of my regular day at work, and had noticed a problem a few times, but discounted it to the Stevko Error Exaggeration Field™.

Sidenote: I became good at computers out of defense, not out of skill. I have the unique capability of causing computers that I come in contact with to suddenly develop problems which no normal human being could get out of them if they tried. This has since been labeled the Stevko Error Exaggeration Field™. Case in point: I've been getting two separate issues with Ecto on two different machines with the same versions of software, both of which cause the nice little workflow I have to fall apart. To quote Adrian Monk: "It's a gift. And a curse. More of a curse, really."

The issue goes something like this: when I start up my laptop, with the location set to something that has no Bluetooth available, and without my D-Link Bluetooth DBT-120 dingus (it's smaller than a dongle, but I'm not calling it a donglette. "That", I say in my most stentorian tones, "would sound ridiculous.") in the computer on startup, then I switch it to my Bluetooth location setting, and *then* stick my Bluetooth dingus into the USB port, it fails to work. Yeah, I know, it's obscure. But "failure" means "won't work until a restart", so it's not a tiny failure.

The best solution so far: plug in the DBT-120 prior to startup always, and this doesn't happen. Works like a charm.

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