May 24, 2005

Prescient Comments On The Future Of Geekdom

yes, virginia, geeks still rule the world:

Wil Wheaton posted an interesting commentary he gave to a reporter on this being "the end of a golden age for geeks". The logic being, with Star Trek, Star Wars and Lord of The Rings all made, there's nothing left for anyone of a geek persuasion to watch. Now, the logic's a bit weak: I'm not going to stop being a geek just because George Lucas finally decided to finish what he started, and that Paramount finally decided to stop milking a dead cow. Most death tolls are either blatantly obvious or way premature (Apple has been dying for nearly 20 years now, according to the press). Sci-fi falls into the latter, by far. As Wil points out:

There was an explosion of geeky goodness in the last few years, and now it's time to step back, and . . . well, thin the herd, I guess. We're at the dawn of a new geek era. The sun is only setting on the prologue.
It's worth a read for all of his commentary, plus his follow-up.

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