May 24, 2005

Artbots 2005 Participants Announced

Outerspace Web ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show via Boingboing

Artbots announced the participants in Artbots 2005, the "Robot Talent Show". Some of the participating robots look a little goofy in pictures, but then again, most robots look goofy until they move. The one pictured at left is called "Outerspace": "Its motivation is based on curiosity, the desire to explore the surrounding space looking for contact". If nothing else, being able to search it's localized area is very neat. I like the idea of robots who are curious, and want to learn more about what's surrounding them -- plus, the simplified lines and the interactive feature make me fascinated. If this is representative, it should be really cool... sadly, though, this year's is being held in Ireland, making it a bit far for me, at least, to reach it.

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