May 11, 2005

Flash Reproduction of 2-XL

Virtual 2-XL via Makeblog

2Xl-2-1 I was maybe 6-7 at most when the 2-XL came out. My parents got me one for my birthday; I distinctly remember it. It was a plastic robot with an 8-track tape in it's stomach, and 4 buttons. You hit the buttons to answer the question being asked, which switched the track that was playing. I played with it, and the single tape that came with it, for two days, to the point of memorizing it. Then I remember my dad telling me he was taking it back, because he didn't think it was going to get much use after this. I was upset at this at the time, but later I realized it was a compliment, really, when I recalled what my dad had said: "Yeah, I kind of thought you'd get bored by that pretty quick. There weren't enough questions for you."

Well, looks like someone else will let me get all the tapes now. It's a Macromedia Flash simulation of 2XL, complete with tapes. And having taken a moment to play it I realize... Dad was completely right. The questions are really dumb.

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Posted by Ted Stevko at May 11, 2005 12:57 AM