May 04, 2005

Allen Wrench? ALLEN WRENCH?

Attack of the Swedes!:

This scares me:

That tool has a name, by the way, that I was unaware of until I arrived here at GaTech. I kept asking my labmates to pass me the "IKEA Tool Thing." However, that is not its techinical name. It is more properly known as an Allen Wrench.
OK, I'm willing to admit I may be an aberration. My dad is a tool nut, has a tool for every possible situation. My grandfather sold car manuals and worked with tools for most of his life. I've owned my own tools from a young age, working on bikes, then art projects, and now cars and electronics.

But when you go to the south's "top technical school", one which promotes the idea that it's students are infallible, tools like allen wrenches should be second-nature. I'm *shocked* that a Georgia Tech student wouldn't know what an allen wrench is -- and more shocked that he would be so lacking in curiosity as to never find what that "Ikea Tool Thing" is properly called.

Please tell me that if I say "wankel rotary engine", you won't have to click on the link to find out what it is, Mr. Georgia Tech?

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