May 02, 2005

The WEEE Man

Boing Boing: 7m-high electrical garbage statue made one Briton's lifetime's waste

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This isn't technically robotics, but it's of a robot-like figure, and it's very interesting. The WEEE Man is a sculpture consisting of the waste electronics of a typical Briton. The calculations come out to something like 35 mobile phones, 6 appliances, 26 computer mice, and a whole lot of other things. (All of which is interesting to me, because I've owned exactly 1 phone, I can only recall purchasing about 4 mice (not including as part of a computer purchase, and not including the 30 or so that I have received from other people), and I own 1 appliance. So, am I just on the lower part of the curve, or am I actually abnormally sparse?)

And while I'm very hip to the stuff behind the sculpture, the sculpture itself is very beautiful and incredibly dynamic. I'm impressed by the thrust of it -- it almost looks as if it could stand on it's own and start tromping around London like Godzilla. It's heft and weight are extraordinary -- it feels solid, like the tubing is really wiry tendons, like the body is ribs not electronics. On it's own, it's a fantastic art piece.

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