April 26, 2005

Vocabulary Words

Real World Education

A little fun off of Backup Brain:

One of the most common complaints I hear from parents whose kids are in public school is that the kids aren't being taught useful, real-world skills. Sean just showed me one of his homework assignments to be done this weekend, "Write an email as if to a co-worker about your boss, using the following vocabulary words":

didactic, fickle, gullible, insipid, petty, incorrigible, officious, pompous, inane, willful, tedious, wanton

Yep, I used these same words in a letter to a former boss. The following week, I was treated to a high-level executive meeting with Human Resources, my boss, and a letter informing me of some options I had involving penance or door invitations.

I might add a few: slipshod, cantankerous, addlepated, and lickspittle.

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