April 21, 2005

Individual-I and Individual Rights

You'll note that this site tends not to do a lot of advertising and cross-linking, by laziness more than by design. But I've put up a link to Individual-I, a new site put up by Bruce Schneier to promote individual rights.

Sometimes I mock other people's beliefs on this site. Sometimes I mock my own. But this is one I truly believe in -- the right to know what the government can and can't do to me. In any society, with that knowledge comes stability: "I can trust that the boundaries are thus and thus, so I can then do what I want on this side of the boundaries, without fear."

So this is what the I stands for:

It represents the right to privacy and anonymity in the information age. It represents the rights to an open government, due process, and equal protection under the law. It represents the right to live surveillance free, and not to be marked as "suspicious" for wanting these other rights. It recognizes that a free society is a safe society, and that freedom is founded upon individual rights.

Have a look, and post on your site as well.

Posted by Ted Stevko at April 21, 2005 11:44 PM