April 21, 2005

Robotic Sculpture On Wired News

Wired News: Mingling With Metal Men

Yoyoberimbau F Article over on wired on a robotic sculptor, who's group Amorphic Robot Works has built in the last 15 years a series of robotic and electronic sculptures. They sound neat:

Visitors didn't appear concerned about how the robots were operated, but rather focused on what the machines were doing. Children shouted and clapped at sound-reactive YoYo Berimbau, provoking robotic drum slaps and violin-like bowing in response. Across the floor, others watched in awe as rope-climbing robot Rope Climber slowly clicked and shimmied skyward.

Definitely sounds like a neat thing.

Posted by Ted Stevko at April 21, 2005 09:25 PM