April 18, 2005

Cathy Cox Starts Campaigning

Campaign '06: Cathy Cox goes home to Bainbridge to declare she's in governor's race | ajc.com

God, it's hard being liberal in Georgia. We keep getting these goofballs who run for governor, like, as you can see, Cathy Cox. Oh, you don't know her? Ah. Let me explain.

Cathy Cox was Georgia's Secretary of State; she's the one who bought thousands of Diebold voting machines and foisted them off on the state, then wouldn't respond when it was brought to light that there were voting irregularities and the machines could be hacked by a chimp. Literally. Because the back-end was a Microsoft Access database, known for being riddled with holes. Of course, it wasn't password protected either. Turns out that Ms. Cox was pretty much ignoring any problems with the system. Oh, she also still denys any problems with the system (signin required, sorry.).

Governor, indeed. At least the current moron leaves paper trails.

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