April 14, 2005

Watching The Detectives

Wired News: Surveillance Works Both Ways

Well, it was bound to happen: at Computers, Freedom and Privacy 2005, a group of people followed Steve Mann, the pioneer in wearable computing, as he, and they, went to various local stores and filmed the cameras that they'd installed. Several objected, some citing their policy was to have no photography in their store, and some claiming that the photography would disturb their customers.

Less humorous, but more interesting, was Mann's newer inventions; specifically, an ID holder that allows someone to view minimal information until another ID is swiped through it's card reader.

Mann's points on privacy -- summarized by the concept that being watched while not being able to watch others is not a democratic/civilized/good way to have a society. Not a bad point. How many times are you filmed a day? How many times will those people filming you, allow you to film them?

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