April 11, 2005


Robots to ride camels at races next season via Washington Monthly's Political Animal

10 Nat Robot Camel Jockey

Abu Dhabi: Child jockeys are banned and light-weight jockeys are hard to come by. No problem. Now, robot jockeys will solve all the troubles on the race tracks.
I was fine until I saw the picture of the robot camel jockey. I mean, "robot camel jockey" sounds practically obscene, but you can ignore it because it's an interesting use of robots for doing things humans are not allowed to do. But when the picture of the robot camel jockey looks like a blow-up doll...

As Jeremy from Barry Ween would say, "ROBOT! CAMEL! JOCKEYS!"

Posted by Ted Stevko at April 11, 2005 10:46 PM