April 11, 2005

Exploding Frozen Cokes

Domestic life

So, it turns out that weird popping noise I heard last night from the direction of the kitchen was the can of Pepsi I'd put in the freezer exploding. And now the inside of the freezer has cola-colored ice sprayed all over; it looks like a yeti projectile-vomited in there or something. Sometimes I don't feel ready to be an adult.

Ah, so... just for fun, I'll put up my own exploding can of soda story. Freshman year at college. Just gotten a mini-fridge for the dorm room that afternoon, and I proudly had filled it up with some soda. (Proudly, because I'd been hemming and hawing, and then finally realized that it was going to be cheaper to get the soda in quantity, considering my soda consumption habits even then. I tend to hem and haw about spending money on comforts a lot. "It's a midwestern thing, oh, I couldn't really say if you'd understand it or not.")

L Gmr02Bk Later in the day, Crystal, one of my dorm's residential advisors came by, and told me she had some form of free food. Naturally, I ran out of my room towards the food. As we residents were dividing up the grub, my R.A. mentioned something about soda. I ran back to my new refrigerator, grabbed a soda, and presented her with a cold soda. Then I realized I'd forgot to get one for myself... so I ran back to my fridge to get another can of soda. As I took another soda out of the fridge, I noticed the can's top had bulged outward. Not fully comprehending what was going on, I grabbed the can, walked back to the common room, and had started to call out to Crystal, "Hey Crystal, I think you might want to be careful of..."

Naturally, that's when the can decided to explode. Fountained straight up, showering Crystal with the liquid, unfrozen parts of the can.

"... that can of soda," I finished, as the fountain subsided.

Posted by Ted Stevko at April 11, 2005 10:15 PM