April 06, 2005

Episode III Line-Waiters Make Own Reason To Wait

Variety.com - Inside Move: Fanatics laying it on the line

It's been all over, but you have to admire anyone who stands up and says, "This is what makes me happy, and damn the sense of it all." A bunch of line-waiters for Star Wars III found out that the movie won't be opening up at Grauman's Chinese Theater, which is where they're waiting. They'll continue to wait anyway.

"The telling thing is -- for me, at least -- if the film is not playing at the Chinese ... I have zero desire to see it at all," a fan who calls himself Obi Geewhyen posted on the message board at Liningup.net. "I'm in it for the lineup only and don't give a darn about the conclusion of this lackluster, so-called 'Star Wars' series."

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