April 01, 2005

Biometrics, Slashed And Hacked

Om Malik on Broadband » Biometrics, the machete hack

The problem with all the biometrics systems I've seen so far is that they try and take a unique part of the human body for security... but no one's body is really that secure, is it? Despite the fact you can fool fingerpint readers with gelatin molds, someone's gone even more low-tech than that. Man in Malaysia had his finger chopped off by some car thieves, who then used his fingertip to open his new Mercedes Benz and drive off with it.

This sounds exactly like a bad science fiction movie premise.... Imagine this, done by the traditional movie preview voiceover guy...

"In a world... where one man... holds the key to the ultimate weapon... that man must do everything... to keep that key away from his enemies.... he's got the key... but the key... is him. Arnold Schwartzenegger is... The Finger."

Posted by Ted Stevko at April 1, 2005 01:27 AM