March 29, 2005

Using Robotics To Get Out Of The Hood

Wired 13.04: La Vida Robot

Wired Magazine: La Vida RobotIt's definitely a bit Horatio Alger-ish, but this story still made my day. Wired talks about a set of 4 bright Hispanic kids (and two dedicated teachers) from Arizona who formed a robotics club, entered an engineering competition, worked exceedingly hard, and beat MIT & Stanford students in building a robotic sub (One of these kids hadn't even seen the ocean before building a sub!) These kids are, according to the story, from poor backgrounds and not well off; despite that, they beat some of the top engineering groups in the country. But because of a lack of funds and/or not being US citizens, they're stuck in dead-end jobs after high school graduation. The story links to a fund to help these kids go to college. Please do donate. The world needs kids like these, intelligent and who aren't afraid to work hard.

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