March 25, 2005

Radio Shack Vex Robotics kits

New Radio Shack Vex Robotics kits

Engadget's got a post up on the Radio Shack's Vex Robotics kits. They sound interesting:

The kits, available next month at Radio Shack outlets nationwide, will offer a competitively priced Erector-set-style robotics environment, including a pro-level radio controller, programmable micro controller, and over 500 parts for assembling autonomous bots.
If nothing else, it's a cheaper solution to doing robotics than most kits available right now, priced at $299. But considering Radio Shack's general attitude towards selling quality parts, I wouldn't bet on these being the most solid of equipment.

Posted by Ted Stevko at March 25, 2005 03:41 AM

These kits will be quality parts as Radio Shack has partenered with Innovation FIRST to make these kits and they are a very good company.

Posted by: Allen Gregory at April 4, 2005 12:59 AM