March 22, 2005

OSX 'at risk from attack' - ZDNet UK News

OSX 'at risk from attack' - ZDNet UK News via Slashdot

Symantec has decided that since OS X is becoming popular, it's more likely to get malware attacks now. Well, possibly; but as was pointed out at Slashdot, frankly, anyone who gets money protecting someone from malware probably isn't free of vested interest. Besides, Symantec has been losing shares of Mac users for a while now: Norton Utilities used to be the top product for protecting Macs, now it's TechTool Pro. Norton Anticirus, last I heard, had problems with Mac OS X; plus, the only true outbreak of a virus was a while ago, and was MS Office based. Symantec may be right, but be wary.

Posted by Ted Stevko at March 22, 2005 04:01 AM