March 21, 2005

Beatle Bob on Salon

Beatle Bob: Funky man, kingmaker

Interesting article about Beatle Bob, a St. Louis fixture. Beatle Bob shows up to music shows and dances. That's about it -- but it was always well rumored that if Beatle Bob showed up at a show, it was the hippest place to be. Quite a few people, though, seem to say he's conniving -- and an St. Louis Riverfront Times article both praises and brings up questions about him.

I went to college in St. Louis, and I met Beatle Bob a few times and got to talking with him. He struck me as a nice guy, who liked music. No, he *adored* music. He lived for it, it got in his blood and he just could not get enough. And while I couldn't tell you if the accusations are true, I can say this -- watching him dance was a pleasure. When Bob dances, you see how much he loves music; and it infects the rest of the room, radiating the love, the acceptance, the freedom to just move your body and get funky. Can't change that with all the problems in the world.

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