March 20, 2005

Andy Ihnatko Finishes Book

I'm free! And freedom tastes of Reality! And cheesesteaks!

But it double-sucks when it's a book about a huge and complex piece of software that has been undergoing constant evolution in the three months since I wrote the book's first elements. I'm a Sensitive Artiste...

(Andy pauses, takes a long sniff from the lily he's holding, and pauses to reflect upon the rarity of the Aesthete in today's thuglike world before continuing)

...and in general, I actually enjoy rewrites; it's another opportunity to burnish each and every sentence into a Flawless Gem of Perfect Truth, Beauty, and Wisdom.

(another long sniff, then Andy wipes a single, sensitive tear from his eye)

Few people finish a book, then write about THX-1138, showers, being a Sensitive Artiste, the Oscars, time zones, and his entire houseful of equipment. Andy does it with style, too. Grumble grumble.

Posted by Ted Stevko at March 20, 2005 09:21 PM