March 17, 2005

Code v2.0. and Writing Collaboratively

Code v2.0 and the CC-Wiki license:

Today's fun online experiment: seeing if Code v2.0 can be group edited. I have to say, experiments like this are what make the web such a cool place. The question remains, can a book be openly edited, and still make sense? One of more interesting things set up on this spot is the "Things to think about" section:

Tone and Style
Writing papers with a uniform tone and style can be difficult even for small groups. As a collaborative writing project expands, goes online, and becomes an international effort, this difficulty increases.
And that's the one that's always puzzled me about collaborative writing. How *do* writers get the same tone? Wikipedia has collaborative writing, but the tone is meant to be pure objectivity. But writing novels and/or short stories, that's always puzzled me. Anyone have any ideas on how this is accomplished?

Posted by Ted Stevko at March 17, 2005 10:56 PM