March 12, 2005

The Atlanta Apology And Helpful Links Posting

A couple of helpful bits of information; first, if you live in Atlanta, and need a lawyer, check out Atlanta Bar Association's Lawyer Referral (via Atlanta Metroblogging). $35 gets you a half-hour with a lawyer. Great bargain.

Next, probably the best thing about Georgia is it's law to give consumers 2 free credit reports per year. (Sadly, I'm not kidding, this is in my opinion, the best thing about Georgia.) And since ChoicePoint has been making so many... interesting choices... as of late, and since ChoicePoint is based in Atlanta, I'll help make up for the state's blunder in allowing these bloodsuckers to co-habitate with us humans by posting the information on how to get your report from ChoicePoint. Check out, and while you're gagging on the irony, they give a free copy of their report to you every year. Evidentally, because they swallowed up a lot of smaller companies in order to get to the irresponsible size they are now, the data's goofed.

Oddly, there really is no relation between the two. Posted by Ted Stevko at March 12, 2005 01:28 AM