March 09, 2005

Single in Atlanta revisited

Single in Atlanta revisited via Atlanta Metroblog

The local weekly alternative posted, in my opinion, a very sub-par article on dating in Atlanta. Normally the local alterative, Creative Loafing, is usually much better than this. While I'm sympathetic to a bad headline, a bad assignment, a poor subject, and a failed attempt at humor, (explanations pointed out in the comments of the Atlanta Metroblog article), the critique in Atlanta Metroblog is accurate: the point was lost, and the article didn't work.

That being said, I agree with the premise: the dating scene in Atlanta is poor at best. It's a bar, a friend, or a service... and that's it. I've been wondering if I shouldn't go back to school just to meet people. It's life in Atlanta, and America for that matter: get drunk, pay someone money, or hope for help from a friend -- it's a set of choices that apply to way, way too many situations.

Posted by Ted Stevko at March 9, 2005 12:11 AM