February 09, 2005

Bush On Racism

CNN.com - Bush calls for end of racism - Feb 9, 2005

I wouldn't normally blog this -- it's really just a filler article on a topic with way too much wind and too little substance, much like calling for the end of poverty and hunger.

But two things caught my eye though. First, Bush is not calling for the US to try and eradicate racism. He said instead, "...we cannot carry the message of freedom and the baggage of bigotry at the same time." Bush is not exactly one to be talking about the "baggage of bigotry" (nor am I). Dismissing the problems that bigotry causes by calling it "baggage" is flippant at best.

The second thing was the last sentence in the article.

Bush has met three times with the [Congressional Black Caucus] since taking office.

Hmm.. I'm thinking someone at CNN's getting a might testy.

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