January 04, 2005

Will Eisner Dies at 86

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Will Eisner passed away yesterday. Eisner's been considered one of the best modern-day comic artists; his books "Sequential Art" and "Graphic Storytelling" are considered seminal works, and his comic book "The Spirit" is a riot. But his graphic novels "A Contract With God", "To The Heart Of The Storm", and others are some of the first and most amazing graphic novels made.

I first encountered Eisner's work in the late '80s, when I was doing an article on comics for the school paper. I'd read about them earlier in books which considered them classics, but hadn't seen one until this article. I won't say they changed my life, but they certianly changed my view on comic books -- until then, I'd assumed that they were filled with simplistic stories about men in capes. The Spirit had, for lack of a better term, spirit.

I'll miss him.

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