November 06, 2004

In My Bid To Ignore TV

Firesign Theatre's Podcast and iPodderX

I came home Wednesday, passed out, woke up at 4:30 Thursday morning, and found... my computer complaining about my hard drive being full.

Now, I've got 3 hard drives: a 60 Gig and 2 16 gigs for the system drives. To fill up 90+ gigs is a little extreme, even for me. But I hadn't picked up my Audio Hijack streams in a while. Several months, to be exact.

Nothing like being busy to keep your mind occupied.

So, I decided to go and get a 250GB hard drive and get that going, while at the same time trying to find a new way to cut back on audio.

And then I got a message for Firesign Theatre's new podcast....

I'm a doomed man.

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