November 03, 2004

So I Hoped Kerry Would Win...

The election was a bust, granted; it was close, 48% or something to Kerry, 52% to the Shrub. And I'm disappointed. No, more than that: shocked. Amazed. Frankly, annoyed. And pissed off.

What does it take to convince people that might doesn't make right? What does it take to convince people that Christianity isn't the only religion? What does it take to convince people that they're being flim-flammed by a fast-talking group of morally bankrupt suits?

But aside from that: why is every freaking Democratic group saying things like "work together", "build on this foundation", and crap like that? There's a time to be a grown up, and for the next day or two, I am *not* going to be bridging any gaps. Dammit, I don't want to be part of any group right now, especially this one we call America.

It may be the most adult thing to do, but that doesn't mean I want to do it right this minute. The last time I felt this helpless, a teacher was attempting to flunk me because I'd put something in the college paper derogatory to the chancellor.

So, give me a few before I start building a bridge. Especially don't hand me a hammer, I might do something nasty with it.

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