October 27, 2004

New iPod... eh.

Apple - iPod Photo

The Apple iPod Photo came out today.

My reaction? Eh... Ok, whatever.

For someone as visually oriented as I am, it should be a big deal, but I'm just not as into photos as this. The color screen is nice, but it's not $100 worth of nice. And syncing photos just doesn't do it for me. I can easily see if someone's got hundreds of photos that they might want to share them with people, and this would be a neat way of doing it.

As an aside, this would be ripe for an absolutely hilarious send-up of the old travel-slideshow-from-Hell joke. "Aw, man, this is the MODERN way to put people to sleep with your slides."

And while the extra 3 hours of battery life is nice, the tech specs aren't as spiffy. You lose some skip protection (really, not a big deal; 17 minutes instead of 25 minutes, as opposed to the 30 seconds on some CD players) and the charge times are longer.

Hooking it up to a TV is nice, though; I'd really like to be able to play short video files -- now *THAT*, I'd pay the $100 for easily.

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