October 26, 2004

Another Poll, Telling Us Nothing New

CNN.com - Poll finds tight race, with little apparent change - Oct 25, 2004

I'll be honest, I'd be more worried about the polls if someone -- either Kos or Atrios, I believe -- hadn't kindly explained "likely" voters to me. And the above CNN.com article at least takes the time to explain it to people. Basically, they take a poll, find out who's registered to vote, what they're registered as, and then take percentages of that as people who are likely to vote.

Straight polling figures: 49 Bush - 47 Kerry, + or - 3. In essence, a dead heat.

Why the difference? It turns out most "likely voter" models favor Republicans. Of course, what hasn't been taken into account is things like the 71% of Democrats saying that this is the vote of their generation, vs. 21% of Republicans. And the fact that most new voter registrations are Democrats.

But then again, with electronic voting, you can do whatever you want without anyone seeing you.

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